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    Advanced Import Permissions

    In This Article:

      Prior to using the Advanced Import, users must have the Data-Related Permissions assigned. Without this permission assigned, a user will not be able to access the Advanced Import. If you do not have this permission, please check with you Database Administrator. 

      To Assign Permissions:

      1. From the main menu, select Manage and then Roles.
      2. On the Roles panel on the left-hand side of the screen, highlight the Role to which you would like to add the Advanced Import Data-Related Permissions. You will want to add the Advanced Import Data-Related Permissions to the role that has already been assigned to the user who will be working with Advanced Import.
      3. On the Data-Related Permissions panel, located on the lower half of the Roles screen, select the appropriate Add, Edit, View and Delete permissions located next to Advanced Import option.

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