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    Update Existing Constituent Information

    In This Article:

      The Advanced Import module allows you to update existing constituent information. Currently, Salsa CRM does not have the functionality to update existing donation information

      When importing constituent information that is meant to update existing records in Salsa CRM, you will follow the same process as is detailed for you in the Importing New Constituent Information article with two important notes:

      When updating a record originally stored in Salsa CRM using Advanced Import, you will need to use the Original Import ID (which was originally used when importing the original record into Salsa CRM) or the Constituent Number.

      The Original Import ID can be found by accessing the constituent record and selecting the Data Sync button located in the lower right hand corner of the constituent record. By selecting this button the Data Sync Link window will appear. This window will contain the vendor name and Import ID. Add this Import ID to the corresponding constituent record on the file that you are preparing to import into Salsa CRM.

      TIP: If the Data Sync button does not appear on the constituent record, select Manage from the main menu. Then select Configuration and on the General page, click to select the Display Data Sync Map Button checkbox.

      If the constituent was not originally entered into Salsa CRM through the Advanced Import module, you will need to include the Constituent Number to the corresponding constituent record on the file that you are preparing to import into Salsa CRM. 

      Now that you have added the necessary information to your import file, you are ready to update existing Salsa CRM Constituent information. 

      1. Follow the same process as is detailed for you in the Importing New Constituent Information article.
      2. When the Data Import Resolution Queue opens, you will see the Constituent Update Status. Double-click on a record with this status.
      3. The Resolve Constituent Update window opens. This window allows you to compare the existing information to that which you are importing as an update to the existing record. The top two panels, Incoming Update, and Existing Constituent, allow you to view both sets of data. The Custom Field Values panel allows you to review the updates to be made side-by-side with the existing information. The Options panel gives you the opportunity to choose whether to Update Existing information or continue to Use Existing information.
      4. The Address and Phone options also give you the flexibility to Add New phone and address information.
      5. Once you have made your selections, select the OK button.
      6. The bottom of this window also allows you to, with one click of the button, Update Existing All, Use Existing All or Ignore Changes.
      7. Once you select the OK button, a Message window will appear. This window will alert you to the successful update and include the Constituent Number. Select OK.
      8. The Status of the record will reflect as Success. This indicates that these updates have been made to the existing record. If you wish to view the record, select the Process button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
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