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    Update Existing Constituent Information - Potential Duplicate Status

    In This Article:

      Salsa CRM analyzes the data contained in the file that you are importing through Advanced Import. When updating existing constituent information and the Data Import Resolution Queue appears, a status of Potential Duplicate may be listed. Salsa CRM has compared the first two letters of the first name, the last name, first two numbers of Address Line 1, Email Address and government ID fields of the record that is being imported against the information already contained in your database. The Potential Duplicate status is presented when Salsa CRM determines this potential exists. The following steps will allow you to add this information as a new constituent or to update an existing constituent record.

      1. When the Data Import Resolution Queue opens, and the Potential Duplicate Status is shown, double-click on a record with this status.
      2. The Resolve Potential Duplicate window opens. This window allows you to compare the existing information to that which you are importing, which may be a duplicate of an existing record.
      3. The top panel allows you to select the information being imported so that you can Add as a new constituent. This option will automatically create an entirely new constituent record based on the information contained in the file you are importing.
      4. The second panel allows you to Choose Existing Salsa CRM Constituent. Selecting this option will “activate” the lower panels so that you may view the existing information and choose whether to update the existing information, use the existing information or, for certain fields, Add New information.  The example video shows the Options panel where you have the opportunity to choose whether to Update Existing information or continue to Use Existing information.
      5. If you select the Add New options, the constituent record will have an additional address and/or phone number added to the record. Once you have made your selections, select the OK button. The bottom of this window also allows you to, with one click of the button, Update Existing All, Use Existing All or Ignore Changes.
      6. Once you select the OK button, a Message window will appear. This window will alert you to the successful update and include the Constituent Number. Select OK.
      7. The Status of the record will reflect as Success. This indicates that these updates have been made to the existing record.
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