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    Virtual Terminal (VT)

    In This Article:

      The Virtual Terminal (VT) page provides merchants with the ability to initiate virtual card-not-present authorizations, captures, settlements, voids, and refunds. 

      REMINDER: Virtual Terminal transactions will not post to Salsa CRM!

      CardPointe’s VT allows a merchants’ computer to serve as a payment acceptance machine simply with an Internet connection and a web browser.  The VT is divided into two tabs - Virtual Terminal and Customers.  

      Virtual Terminal
      The Virtual Terminal tab provides the ability to a merchant process a credit card or ACH (echeck) transaction.  Reminder - if a donation is processed via VT, it will not appear in Salsa CRM and in order for the organization to capture the donation in Salsa CRM reports, the transaction must be manually entered into the constituent's record.  

      The video demonstrates credit card information entered into VT.                                                                                                                                                      


      To process or to verify a form of payment (echeck/credit card), select the Virtual Terminal tab,  

      1. Select an ACH (echeck) or Credit Card Transaction Type.
      2. Select Sale or Verify (see table below for descriptions)  
      Payment Type Description Transaction Process
      Sale   Allows a merchant to process a sale transaction   Authorize and Capture, Authorize Only
      Verify   Allows a merchant to verify a payment method   
      1. If Sale is selected, the Transaction Process Type menu will become active.  Select Authorize and Capture or Authorize Only.  Descriptions of the Transaction Processes Types can be seen in the table below.
      Transaction Process Description
      Authorize and Capture  Allows the merchant to complete both the authorization of funds from a customers    payment as well as having those funds transferred from the customer's account to the  merchant's account
      Authorize Only  Allows the merchant to complete an authorization of funds from a customer's payment  for use of capturing at a later date
      1. If the merchant elects to add a check mark next to Store the Customer Profile, this will save the customer's information for future use.  

      The Customers tab of the Virtual Terminal provides the ability for a merchant to associate a Customer to a processed transaction. The table below includes the available default fields. 

      Customer Field Description Mandatory
      Name on Card  Customer name on Card being processed Yes
      Address  Address of Customer Optional
      City  City of Customer


      State  State of Customer Optional
      Zip  Zip of Customer Optional
      Email Address  Email Address of Customer Optional
      Phone Number  Phone Number of Customer Optional
      Customer Number  A customer number assigned by the merchant Optional


      Reminder:  The ability to store a new customer at the time of processing a transaction is always available to the merchant and selecting the Store Customer Profile checkbox can enable this functionality.

      The ability for a merchant to search for a stored customer to associate with a transaction is also available via the Search for a Customer search field. This search field will dynamically display users associated with the search criteria entered into the field.

      Customer information fields will auto-populate with the associated stored information when a Customer has been selected along with the customer’s unique Profile and stored Card Holder data.

      Card Holder Information
      The Card Holder Information section of the Virtual Terminal provides the ability for a merchant to enter card data to run a transaction against and can be done via the model Credit Card located on the VT screen.

      A card will only be processed through the CardPointe system if a valid card number has been entered, which is validated against the Luhn algorithm, in addition to a future expiration date.
      The merchant has the ability to enter a new card as well for an existing customer by selecting the dropdown menu on the default card of an existing customer and selecting + New Card.

      The model Credit Card will then revert back to its initial state prior to a customer being selected to new cardholder data to process a transaction. 

      Transaction Details
      The Transaction Detail section of the Virtual Terminal screen provides the ability for a merchant to enter an Amount to process through the VT as well as any additional user fields a merchant may create. A dynamic Total field will also be displayed to the merchant user for the actual amount that will be processed and charged, this will be based upon any additional charges a merchant may associate with VT Transactions. Once all mandatory fields have been input, selecting the Process Transaction button will begin the credit card authorization process.  To remove all information from the fields, click the Cancel button.

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