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      The Customers page provides a merchant with the ability to manage and store customer information within a specific merchant instance. Similar to all tables displayed within CardPointe, the ability to search for any field stored within an associated column header is provided via the Search field box.

      The Customer fields are described below: 

      Customer Field Description
      Name on Card  Name of Customer (mandatory)
      Email  Email Address of Customer
      Address  Physical Address of Customer
      City  City Associated with Customer Address
      State  State Associated with Customer Address
      Zip   Zip Code Associated with Customer Address
      Phone  Phone Number Associated with Customer
      Customer #  The field allows merchants to assign a customer number for  internal use. 

      New Account Information
      The merchant has the ability to create a new customer within CardPointe on the Customers screen via the button.

      This will take a merchant to the Create New Customer, New Account Information screen. The user may create a new customer record and associate the credit card.  The mandatory field is marked with and asterisk (*) and applies to the customer name.  All other fields are optional.  Click the Save Account button when completed.  

      Account Information
      A merchant has the ability to view a specific Customer by selecting the field displayed within the Last 4 column.

      The Account Information screen of the Customers page provides the ability to edit an existing customer and cardholder data can also be stored using the model Credit Card. Details of all action buttons are described in the table below.

      Action Button Functionality Icon
      Add New Credit Card  Add Additional Credit Cards to Customer  Profile  
      Add New Echeck  Add Additional eCheck to Customer Profile
      Delete Customer  Deleting Customer Profile  
      Process Transaction  Run a Transaction through the VT with Current  Customer Profile  

      Add Credit Card or eCheck Account
      When the user clicks the Add New Credit Card or Add New eCheck buttons, the model credit card/eCheck will expand for the user to enter the account information.  Enter the account information in the spaces provided.  Click Save when completed. 

      Delete Customer
      Merchants will have the ability to completely remove a customer profile via the Delete Customer button.  A window will appear to confirm the confirmation of the removal of a customer profile. If OK is selected, the customer profile will be removed, and if Cancel is selected, the merchant will be returned to the Account Information screen for the Customer Profile previously being viewed.

      Process Transaction
      Merchants will have the ability to directly associate a currently being viewed customer profile to a VT transaction via the Process Transaction button. Merchants will be taken to the Virtual Terminal screen, with all the customer information autopopulated.





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