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    Event Configuration: Configuring an Event

    In This Article:

      Prior to setting up an event in Salsa CRM, you will need to configure your event.

      1. To access Event Configuration, Manage > Events > Event Configuration.
      2. The Event Configuration window opens. You may add, edit or delete Event Types and Event Other Contact Type.
      3. The Event Type is used on the main event screen. Enter each type of event you plan on recording in Salsa CRM. Typically, these are generic types such as walkathon, golf outing, gala. NOTE: You will name your event when setting up the event in the Events screen.
      4. The Event Other Contact Type allows you to enter general contact types such as caterer, designer, florist, etc. This information is used on the Other Contacts node in the Events module and allows you to enter vendor or other contact information.  NOTE: After you have configured your event, you will want to be sure to set up a Campaign, Fund, Appeal, a default Batch and Thank You Letter for your event. Please refer to the Donations section of the User’s Manual for more information on Campaigns, Funds, Appeals and Batches. Please refer to the Word Processor section of the User’s Manual for more information on configuring Thank You letters.
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