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    Event Overview: Configuring the Default Template to Your Needs

    In This Article:

      1. To configure the default template to your needs, select the Template... button on the event overview screen. The events template search screen appears.
      2. Select Default, and then the Copy button. The Template screen appears with the name Copy of Template.
      3. Re-name the template to meet your needs.  
      4. To add questions, click the Add button below the question box. The Add Question pop-up box appears.
      5. Type in your question and click the OK button.
      6. Continue adding in all questions pertaining to your event.
      7. To add tasks and expenses, highlight the question to which you wish to associate the task and/or
      8. Under the Task section click the Add button. The Add Task box appears.  
      9. Enter the task and number of days prior to the event the task should be completed. Click the OK
      10. Continue adding tasks as needed for this specific question.  
      11. To add an expense, click the Add button under the expense section. The Add Expense pop-up box
      12. Enter the description of the expense, estimated amount and cost code if applicable.  Click the OK button.  
      13. Follow the previous steps to add tasks and expenses to all questions.  
      14. When all questions, tasks and expenses have been entered, click Save.  NOTE: To Edit a question, task or expense, highlight the appropriate listing and select the Edit button.  
      15. Depending on your selection, the Edit Question, Edit Task or Edit Expense window will appear. Edit the information as necessary to meet your needs.

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