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    Event Tasks

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      Select the name of the event located on the left hand side of the page, in the Event Explorer, to manage other aspects of this event. These Tasks have been created based on how you answered the questions in the Guided Setup Tab. 

      1. Select Tasks located in the Event Explorer area under the word Setup. A list of Event Tasks will appear based on the template that has been chosen. Tasks can be added, edited, copied or deleted. As a visual reminder, overdue tasks are highlighted in Red and tasks due today are highlighted in Yellow.
      2. To add a Task, select the Add button located in the bottom, right hand side of the page. An events dialogue box will appear. Add a date by manually typing in the date or click the calendar to choose a date. Type in a description to the task and select the Save button.
      3. To edit a Task, highlight the task to be edited by pointing and clicking on the task. Select the Edit button located in the bottom, right hand side of the page or you may double click on the task. An events dialogue box will appear. Edit the task by changing the date, changing the description or copying the task. Select the Save button.
      4. To complete a Task, select the checkbox to add a check mark to show the task has been completed.
      5. To delete a Task, highlight the task you want to delete and select the Delete button located at the bottom in the middle of the page.
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