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    Add Guests to Your CRM Event Through the New Donation Screen

    In This Article:

      If an unregistered guest sends in payment for their registration for your event, you may quickly add their
      donation to your database and register them to the event – all from the New Donation screen.

      1. Enter the donation as you typically would. For more information on entering donations, please refer to the Donations section of the Salsa CRM Knowledge Base.
      2. After entering the donation, select the Event Fees Tab and select the Register button.
      3. The Event Registration window appears. Select the Event and enter the total number of guests you are registering.
      4. When you select OK, the standard Register Guest window will open, enter the information as normal and select Save, you are returned to the New Donation screen. The Total Billable Amount and Total Value will automatically populate on the Event Fees tab. NOTE: If the registration level you have selected does not contain a fee then the information will not appear on the event fees tab, however the guest is registered to the event.
      5. Finish entering the donation. Once you add the guest, all of the newly created registration fees will automatically be associated to the donation. 
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