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    Guests: Seating - Seating Guests Individually

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      1. Select the Seating tab to view seating arrangements. Choose the appropriate filters located in the Seat Status section of the screen, (i.e. All Seats, Reserved Seats, etc.).
      2. Next, select the Event session for which you would like to seat people.
      3. Select the blank row that represents the seat where you would like to place a guest. Double click on the row and the Edit Seat Assignments window appears.
      4. Select the Guest button. The Select a Guest window opens. This window contains a list of all of the unseated guests who have registered to attend your event.
      5. Double click on the name of the guest that you would like to seat. You are returned to the Edit Seat Assignments window; the guest’s information has been pre-populated for you. Select the Seat Status and add any Notes as needed.
      6. Select the Save button. You are returned to the main seating screen where you will see the guest’s information has populated the corresponding row to the seat you had selected.


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