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    Guests: Reports - Running Guest List and Seating Reports

    In This Article:

      1. Select the name of the report you want to run: Guest List or Seating.
      2. Select the Event Session for which you would like to view the Guest List or Seating Report.
      3. The report at the bottom of the page will change to reflect the information you choose. The Guest List report shows the Session Location and Name, the guests (in alphabetical order), any amount due (in red), Bidder Numbers, Registration Levels, Seating assignments and, if the report is printed out, an area to check off if the guest has arrived.
      4. The Seating Report shows the Session, Room, Section, Table, Seat Number, Guest Name, Meal Selection and if there are Special Diet needs to be met. NOTE: Each table prints out as its own page. This allows you to print copies for the venue and/or catering staff so they know where the specific meal selections are to be placed.
      5. There are five icons shown to the right of the page. These reports can be Viewed in your browser, copied to the Clipboard, Save, Print, or Print all pages. Click the icon to make your selection.
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