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    Other Contacts Node

    In This Article:

      Other contacts associated with the event, such, as florist, caterer, exhibitors, etc, can be listed here.

      1. Select the Add button located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
      2. An Add Other Contacts dialogue box appears. Select the Constituent button at the top of the dialogue box. The Constituent Search Screen appears. By completing this screen, a link will be created between the contact and the event.
      3. Using the drop down box, choose the Contact Type.
      4. Using the Notes box, type in any notes pertaining to this contact.
      5. Select Save.
      6. Once you have entered Other Contacts, you may double click on their listing and the Edit Other Contacts window will appear. In this window you will see a link to their record, thus giving you easy access to all of their contact information.
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