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    Auction: Adding a Gift in Kind Donation to Inventory

    In This Article:

      If the donation that you received was made with a gift in kind, follow the steps below.

      1. Open a New Donation record and enter the gift as you normally would. For more information on entering donations, please refer to the Donations section.
      2. After you have entered the Batch, Donor, Co-Donor, Amount, Received Date and Fund, select the payment of Gift in Kind, and press Tab.
      3. In the Description of the gift in kind text box, enter a description of the gift, and press Tab to continue filling out the rest of the donation form.
      4. Click the Save button.
      5. Assign this item as an incentive. Click the Add to Inventory button to add the Gift in Kind to your inventory.
      6. Select Incentives. The Add Incentives Inventory Stock window opens.
      7. Enter the appropriate information. NOTE: The Intended Event field contains a drop down box of events that you can configure by selecting Manage > Inventory > Configuration > Incentives and then selecting the Add button under the Intended Event window. You can also configure the Incentive Type on this same page.
      8. Select Save and you are returned to the donation window. NOTE: You will see the Stock tab now has a green node, this indicates that there is information on this tab. The inventory you just entered now appears here as well.

      Now that you have added the item as an incentive, you can move on to adding this item to your event!

      1. Open your event by selecting Manage > Events > Events.
      2. Select the Auction node under the Event Explorer on the left hand side of the screen.
      3. To add items to the auction list, select the Add button located in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
      4. The Auction Item Details pop-up box appears; enter an item number or select the Suggest button and Salsa CRM will suggest a number for you.
      5. Select the Assign Incentives button. The Stock pop-up box appears. Here you may search for incentives using the various filters available at the top of the screen and then selecting Search. Alternately, you may check the Available Only checkbox and then select Search. This will result in only the available incentives being returned.
      6. Highlight the incentive you would like to add to the auction. Select the Assign button or double click on the item you wish to add.
      7. The Assign Item box appears. Enter the number of units you would like to assign to the auction and any pertinent notes. Then click the Assign button.
      8. You are directed back to the Auction Item Details box. The total value of the item has been populated and Salsa CRM has automatically entered a suggested Minimum Bid of 50% of the value of the item and Minimum Increment of 10% of the value of the item. NOTE: Any information you enter into the Description section of this window is what will appear on bid sheets you might create. This information is recognized in an Auction query as {{Auction Item Description}}. If you plan on creating bid sheets through Salsa CRM, you will want to use wording here which you would use on your bid sheets.
      9. Enter a Name and Description for this item and select the Save button.
      10. This item now appears in the Auction Items listing. Follow these same steps to enter all of your auction items. From this screen you can highlight any item you wish to assign winners to, view details, add, delete or edit.
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