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    Auction: Creating an Auction Package from Multiple Incentives

    In This Article:

      Salsa CRM allows you to “bundle” incentives together to create one auction package.

      1. Once you have entered your inventory into Salsa CRM, Select the Auction node under the Event Explorer on the left hand side of the screen.
      2. Select the Add button located in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
      3. The Auction Item Details pop-up box appears; enter an item number or select the Suggest button and Salsa CRM will suggest a number for you.
      4. Select the Assign Incentives button. The Stock pop-up box appears.
      5. To highlight multiple incentives, hold the Control key on your keyboard and use your mouse to select the other incentives you wish to include in this package.
      6. Select the Assign button.
      7. You are directed back to the Auction Item Details box. The total value of the items has been populated and Salsa CRM has automatically entered a suggested Minimum Bid of 50% of the total package value and Minimum Increment of 10% of the total package value. NOTE: Any information you enter into the Description section of this window is what will appear on bid sheets you might create. This information is recognized in an Auction query as {{Auction Item Description}}. If you plan on creating bid sheets through Salsa CRM, you will want to use wording here which you would use on your bid sheets.
      8. Enter a Name and Description for this item and select the Save button.
      9. This item now appears in the Auction Items listing. Follow these same steps to enter all of your auction items.

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