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    Teams: Adding Sponsors to Teams

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      1. Once you have entered a Team, you can add a sponsor of the Team by selecting Sponsors from the Event Explorer.
      2. On the Sponsors screen, select the Add button.
      3. The Add Sponsorable Items window appears.
      4. Select the Sponsor button. The Constituent Search window opens. Search for the Constituent you wish to set as the sponsor of this team.
      5. Next, select the Type of Team from the drop down menu.
      6. A list of teams will appear at the bottom of this window. Select the Team to which you wish to add a Sponsor.
      7. Enter a Sponsorship Fee and Note if applicable.
      8. Select the Save button. The team and sponsor now appear on the Add Sponsorable Items screen. NOTE: This sponsorship will also appear on the Budget Fees screen, Teams screen and in the Check Out screen. You may also add teams, who do not yet have a sponsor, by following the previous instructions, but do not select the Sponsor button. The Team will appear as a sponsorable item. Once a sponsor has been secured, open the Sponsors screen and select the team to which you would like to add a sponsor, select the Edit button and add a sponsor. You may also double-click the team to open the Edit Sponsorable Items window.
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