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    Guests: Adding Web Registrants to an Event

    In This Article:

      Once you have posted your free online event registration page to your website, you will want to get in the
      habit of checking your Web Registration regularly for any preregistered guest information.  

      1. Open your event and select Guests from the Event Explorer and then the Web Registration tab. The names and details of the pre-registered guests will be listed on this screen.
      2. To view all of the information for a web registrant you may highlight the row and select the Edit button or double-click. The Edit Web Registrations window will appear.
      3. On this window you will see the information the registrant entered online. You may edit this information if necessary.
      4. The Submitted Constit Id field will contain the Constituent Number if the registrant included that in the online submission.
      5. Select the Identified Constituent button to determine if the registrant has an existing record in Salsa CRM. The Constituent Search screen opens. Enter the constituent name and search. If the constituent exists in Salsa CRM, their name will appear after the Identified Constituent button. If they do not exist in Salsa CRM, you will want to enter them at this time.
      6. You may complete the Amount, Sale Date and Confirmation Number fields as is necessary for your organization.
      7. Once you have edited the information as necessary, change the Processing Status to Processed. The Web Registration screen will show a check-mark in the Status column of those registrants that have been Processed. NOTE: It is good practice to mark registrants as Processed. If multiple Salsa CRM users are accessing this screen the Status check-mark will alert them to the fact that certain records have already been processed.

      Now that you have confirmed these registrants as having records in Salsa CRM, or you have added them to your database, you are now ready to enter them as guests of your event.

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