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      Reporting provides a summary of a merchant’s transaction processing history. By using the Reporting feature, merchants will be able to filter the data display by selecting any one of the following headers: Saved Reports, Location, Data, Method, Status, Front End and/or Columns. The Search field is used for filtering based upon the column headers within the certain report. In addition, the reports may be exported via the Download button.

      NOTE: You can retrieve transactions in Cardpointe for 365 days from the submission date. Please contact Salsa Customer Support for assistance with retrieving transactions older than that.


      The Transactions panel includes the columns of Transaction#, Location, Date, Method, Name, Card Brand, Last 4, Amount, Auth Code, and Status. The columns may sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the associated column headers.  To view the details of a specific transaction, click the field displayed in the Ref# column of a transaction.




      Account was run for confirmation of card existence and the charge was approved

      Batched Batched Payment Transactions sent for Settlement to processor
      Refunded  Payment refunded to the donor's account
      Voided  Transaction Payment Voided
      Declined  Transaction Payment Declined from Processor

      Transaction Detail

      The Transaction Detail provides specific information for a transaction. The ability to return to the Transactions screen can be done by selecting the breadcrumb link located in the top left corner of the screen.


      Available functions in this view include emailing receipts, printing and reprocessing the transaction, by clicking the Print Receipt, Email Receipt or Reprocess buttons.  Details of all action buttons are described in the table below.

      Action Button Status Available Functionality


      Print Receipt  Authorized, Captured, Voided,  Declined, Verified  Allows merchants to print a  transaction receipt
      Email Receipt  Authorized, Captured, Voided,  Declined, Verified  Allows merchants to email a  transaction receipt
      Re-process  Authorized, Captured, Voided,  Declined, Verified  Allows merchants to Re-process  transaction


      If a specific transaction has an associated stored customer, details of this customer may be viewed by clicking the View Customer Profile button.   If the customer's profile needs updated, make the changes and click the Save button.


      Gateway Batches 

      The Gateway Batches tab displays the list of batches completed.  Click the Transaction# to view the details of the batch.      



      Funding displays all the batched deposits funded to a merchant’s account. The list includes Funding Date, Location and Funding Event Total.  To view additional details of a specific funding, click the Funding Date.  The Funding Detail screen displays.


      Funding Detail
      The Funding Detail screen includes the Funding Summary panel.  Below the Funding Summary panel are three tabs, the Transactions, Funding Events, and Funded Batches.

      Transactions Tab - lists each transaction associated with the batch.  To view the transaction details, click the Transaction#.

      Funding Events Tab - provides a list of total Funding, with the date, location and bank account number along with the Funded Amount.                                                                   

      Funded Batches Tab 

      The Funded Batches Tab lists the batches that have been funded.  The user may click the Batch Number to view the details of the batch.

      The ability to search for a specific transaction is also provided to the merchant. The merchant has the ability to search for any of the column fields that are displayed within the Transactions table. The columns can also be sorted in ascending or descending order by simply clicking on the associated column
      headers. In addition, the ability to view details of a specific transaction can be accessed by selecting the field displayed in the ‘Ref #’ column of the associated transaction row in question.

      The Chargebacks tab of the Reporting Page provides the ability for a merchant to view all chargebacks that have occurred within a merchant account. Detailed information in relation to chargeback include Location, Last 4 digits of the card used to process the initial transaction, Card Brand, Transaction Date, Chargeback Date, Case number assigned, Amount being disputed, and the status of the chargeback.

      The Statements tab of the Reporting Page provides the ability for a merchant to generate a statement. The Statements generated through CardPointe provides detailed information in regards to the payments made to the merchant for a specific Date and Location. Selecting the field displayed within the ‘ID’ column allows access and generation to the statement in question.

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