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    My Profile

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      My Profile provides the ability for a merchant to customize their CardPointe instance.  My Profile contains four sections and they are, Contact Information, Dashboard Notifications, Email Notifications, and Transactions.                                                                                                                                          

      Contact Information
      The Contact Information tab contains the Username, First Name, Last Name, and Email of the merchant user.  It also includes the Time Zone and the Change Password button.  Complete the fields and click the Save button. 

      Dashboard Notifications

      Dashboard Notifications allow merchants to add content to their dashboard for System, Transaction and Event Notifications.  Click the check box next to the General description to stay informed with product releases, site maintenance and general announcements. To add content, click to add a check-mark next to the item listed.   Below the name is a brief description.  Click the Save button when complete. 

      Email Notifications

      Email Notifications keep merchants informed regarding account activity by sending email alerts for General Announcements, Declined Transactions, Refunds, Rejections, Chargebacks, Batch Summary, Statements, and/or Funding Summary.  Click to add a check-mark next to the notification and click the Save button. 


      The Transactions tab in My Profile provides Merchants with the ability to filter for specific results and download the information into an MS Excel spreadsheet.  From each of the drop-downs, merchants may select one or all of the accounts and/or transactions.

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