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    Event Overview: Template... Button

    In This Article:

      General Information
      The General section of the main Events page is where you will enter your Template for the event, a name for the event, an event type, start and end time, a location and alternate location.

      The Template button allows you to customize a checklist for an event. There is one default template in
      Salsa CRM. A template can be used to create task lists, formulate questions about your event, and list
      expenses. A default template can be used or a template can be created for your specific event.

      A checklist to assist in the management of your event will be created in the Event Explorer on the left hand side of the page based on the Template that is chosen. The information you enter into the template will create the questions you see in the Setup Node, the tasks listed in the Tasks Node and the expenses listed in the Budget Node.  NOTE: It is recommended you use the Default Template provided and add, edit and delete questions as are appropriate to your event. When customizing your template, it is a good practice to SAVE your settings frequently, especially if you are adding many questions, tasks, and expenses.

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