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    Setup: Location Tab

    In This Article:

      When you select the Location tab, you will see a screen similar to that of the image below.


      The Location tab information will be used when you are setting up your Sessions tab and for seating purposes when you are registering guests for your event.

      NOTE:  Your Event Location's room configuration will, in most cases, have permanent tables and seating configurations event after event. Therefore, Salsa CRM was designed to carry over the same Location seating configurations when Events are copied from one year to the next. This prevents event planners from having to define the same rooms, sections, tables, chairs over and over again. If an event that uses the same location uses different seating from one year to the next, distinct rooms/sections/tables/seats in the same location should be separately defined.

      NOTE: Your screen will not have any Room, Section, Table/Row or Seat information until it is entered.
      To generate Location information:
      1. In the section titled Room, select the Add button to add the names of the rooms that will be used for the event. A dialog box appears below. Complete additional information about the room, i.e., room name, maximum occupancy and notes.  
      2. In the section titled Section, select the Add button to list sections of the rooms that will be used for the event. A dialog box appears below. Complete additional information about the sections, i.e., section name, maximum seating, seating type (row or tables listed by a drop down box), check the box if smoking is allowed).
      3. In the section titled Table/Row, select the Add button to add tables or rows to the Section of the Room that will be used for the event.
      4. Complete information about the tables/rows in the dialog box. Enter the number of seats at the table and select the Automatically Add Seats checkbox so that the number of seats entered appear in the Seat panel. Check the box if the table/row is accessible for people with disabilities. Desirability of the table/row can be given to each table/row to aid with automatic seating, by clicking and dragging the arrow on the sliding scale from 1 –100 (1 being most desirable and 100 being least desirable.)
      5. In the section titled Seat, you can Add, Copy, Edit and Delete seats as necessary. 
        NOTE: By selecting a Room, Section, Table/Row, Seat that has already been created, then selecting the Copy button, you can immediately copy all information from one item to create another. This is handy when you have numerous tables to create with multiple seats; this can save a lot of time when creating your event!

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