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    Setup: Sponsorable Items Tab

    In This Article:

      The Sponsorable Items tab allows you to configure items that you would like to make available for sponsorship for your event. NOTE: If you wish to make expenses a Sponsorable Item (i.e. printing of programs, signage, etc.) you will want to set up your Budget, under the Budget node, prior to configuring your Sponsorable Items tab. Please refer to the Budget article for more information on entering expenses.

      1. Select the Sponsorable Items Tab to list Sponsorable Items for the event.
      2. Select the Add button at the bottom of the screen to add a sponsorship. A dialog box will appear.
      3. Click the Sponsor button, search for the constituent in the database. This will create a hyperlink between the sponsor and the event. Note: If no sponsorship has been secured, you may leave this field blank. Once a sponsor has been secured you may add them in at a later date.
      4. Select the drop down box to show the Type of Sponsorship. Select the item to be sponsored. NOTE: If the item is a session, select session for the drop down list and a list of the sessions you set up will appear. Highlight the session to be sponsored. You may also choose Tables and Expenses as the type of Sponsorable Item. In these instances, such as with Sessions, select either Table or Expense and a list of the Tables and Expense you created will appear. Highlight the Table or Expense to be sponsored.
      5. Enter the Sponsorship Fee. The Fee is the cost to the donor. In the example to the right, the Title Sponsorship is assigned a fee of $25,000. That is what the donor will need to donate to the organization to be considered the Title Sponsor.
      6. Enter the Sponsorship Value. The Value is what this sponsorable item is worth. In the example to the right, the donor is receiving $6,000 worth of goods or services in return for being the Title Sponsor. NOTE: The difference between the Fee and the Value is calculated by Salsa CRM and will appear in the Deductible field on the donation record.
      7. Type any Notes about the Sponsorship.
      8. Enter the Item Description (Item Name).
      9. Select the Save button. NOTE: Adding a sponsor to an item will reflect in the sponsoring constituent’s record under the general donation tab in the event fees section.

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