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    Guests: Pre-event Registration - Adding Guests

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      1. Select the Add button located in the bottom, right hand side of the page. An Add Registrant(s) dialogue box will appear.
      2. If the guest is bringing additional guests, enter the total number of additional guests in the This registrant is bringing…additional guests field. In this example, the registrant will appear on the Pre-Event Registration tab with a total number of four guests showing.
      3. Choosing the Add all living members of a group who are not already registered option allows you to choose a group from within Salsa CRM and add all of the members of that group as guests of the registrant.
      4. Choosing the Add all living registrants of a previous event who are not already registered allows you to add quickly all constituents from another event as guests of the registrant.
      5. Select the Status of the registrant from the drop down list. NOTE: Once a guest’s Status has been changed to Accepted, his/her fee information will appear in various locations. (i.e. the Fees tab under the Guest, on the Budget node, etc.)
      6. Select the Registration Level of the registrant.
      7. Select the Desired Seating, if they require seating in the Smoking section and any pertinent Notes.
      8. Select OK. The Add Guests window appears with additional information to complete about the registrant. NOTE: Some information will be pre-populated in this window based on the information you had already entered in the Add Registrants window.
      9. Select the Guest button located at the top of the page under the section titled Guest. The Constituent Search Screen appears. By completing this screen, a hyperlink will be created between the  constituent and the event. Complete the applicable registration fields: guest and meal information, and seating priority.
      10. Select Save. The window will close, you are returned to the Pre-Registration window.
      11. To enter more information for this guest, select the guest from the guest list, double click on the name and the Edit Guests window will open. You may now continue entering information in the other tabs and complete that information as well.
      12. In the Edit Guests window, you will notice the Fees tab. When a guest’s status is changed to Accepted, the Fees associated with this guest will appear in this tab. This information will populate corresponding fields in the Budget, Fees section of your event module as well. NOTE: Prior to selecting the Seating tab, you will want to enter the guests of the main guests. 
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