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    Guests: Registered Guests - Adding Guests of Registered Guests to your Event

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      1. Select the registered guest by double-clicking the guest's row in the Guests table. The row will be highlighted in yellow. Note: Don't double-click the underlined guest name. If you do so, you will be brought to a different part of the application.
      2. When you open the record of the main guest and the Edit Guests window appears, you will notice a checkbox, Copy Status, Registration Level and Seating Priority to Guests on Save, at the bottom of this window. This checkbox allows you to copy the information of the “main” guest to all of his/her guests.
      3. When you first entered the registrant, you entered the number of additional guests he/she is brining. To enter more detailed information on these guests, select the Guests of Registered Guest tab. You will see all guests listed individually as Main Guest’s Name, Guest 1; Main Guest’s Name, Guest 2; etc.
      4. To enter the names of the guests double-click on their highlighted name and the Edit Guests Of window opens.
      5. Enter the guest’s name by selecting the Guest button and searching for the correct constituent. The Display Name field automatically populates with the guest’s name. If this person is not already a constituent in your database and you do not wish to add them as such, simply add the name of the guest to the Display Name. Continue entering the necessary information. If you selected the Copy Status, Registration Level and Seating Priority to Guests on Save option on the main guests window, the information will be pre-populated and you can select Save. NOTE: If a guest is already registered for the event, the Message window, indicating that a duplicate constituent of another guest records is already on file will appear.
      6. Once you have entered all known guest names you will notice the “main” guest listed with a “Total” number of guests, including him or herself. All guests are listed individually with a guest count of ‘0’. This alleviates any potential for double-counting the same guests. In the example below, Peter Schmidt has a total of 10 attendees (including himself), Isabella Schmidt, Jerry Sherman and Jessie Sherman are all guests of Peter Schmidt. When deleting a guest of the “main” guest Salsa CRM will automatically adjust the number of guests a “main” guest is bringing to the event.
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