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    Guests: Seating - Seating Guests using the Main Registrant's Record

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      There are several ways to seat guests for your event. Using this method will allow you to seat each guest

      1. Select the registered guest by double-clicking the guest's row in the Guests table. The row will be highlighted in yellow. Note: Don't click the underlined guest name. If you do so, you will be brought to a different part of the application.
      2. By selecting the Seating tab located on the main registrant’s record you will see a listing of the Event Sessions you had previously set up and a listing of the Guests which includes the main registrant and his/her guests.
      3. Select the Event Session and then the Guest.
      4. Double-click on the guest name and the Edit Guests window appears.
      5. Select the Seat button and the Select a Seat window appears. Here you may choose the seating for your guest. Highlight the Section, Table/Row, Seat row where you would like to seat the guest and select OK.
      6. You are returned to the Edit Guests window. You will see the Room, Section, Table/Row and Seat fields have been populated with the seating arrangements you chose.
      7. Select the Save button. You are returned to the Edit Guests window.
      8. Continue seating the remaining guests. Once all of the guests have been seated in one Session, select the next Session, if applicable, and continue seating the guests until all guests on this record in all of the sessions have been seated. NOTE: You may also Auto Assign seating to all guests on the Seating tab of the Guests Node. This is described later in this manual in the Seating section.
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