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    Guests: Pre-event Registration - Assigning Bidder Numbers

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      1. To assign bidding numbers, click the Assign Bidder Numbers at the bottom, center of the Pre-Event Registration page.
      2. Select the radio button(s) that reflects how you want bidder numbers assigned for your event: Assign new numbers, Reassign bidder numbers, Assign numbers alphabetically by guest name, Assign numbers alphabetically by Display Name or Assign bidder numbers in order registered.
      3. Enter the number where you would like Bidder Numbers to start.
      4. Choose whether to include Unknown Guests.
      5. Select OK.
      6. You are returned to the Pre-Event Registration screen. You will notice that all guests have been assigned bidder numbers, including Unknown Guests. In the example below you will see Bidder Numbers 1 – 5, 9 and 10 listed. Nancy Lawrence is Bidder Number 3; her guests are Bidder Numbers 6 – 8. If you double click on Nancy’s name, you can access the “Unknown Guests” information and see that they have been assigned Bidder Numbers. This is because the Include Unknown Guests checkbox was selected.
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