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    Guests: “Day of” Registration - View and Manage Guests

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      The “Day of” Registration tab allows you to view registered guests information quickly, make seating
      adjustments, substitutions, name changes and more.

      1. Select the “Day of” Registration tab. You can search for a guest in the search box.
      2. Select the Event Session for which you are currently registering arriving guests. The list of registered guests appears.
      3. As the guests arrive, double click on their name and the Edit Guests window is displayed. Select their status from the Status drop down box.
      4. If they are not a registered guest, simply select the Add button located in the bottom right corner of the screen. If they are already registered, a message window will appear stating that they are already registered.
        Note: Salsa CRM automatically generates fees due for Accepted, Unexpected, Attended and Sent Substitute.
      5. If the guest is making a payment, you can record the payment by selecting the Fees tab, Edit the fee type and enter the amount paid and the payment method. Select the Save button. This method only records the payment, there is no actual donation entered into Salsa CRM.
        Note: To quickly record the payment as a new donation you will want to use the Check Out node. The
      6. Check Out node is described in detail further along in this documentation.
      7. The Seating tab on the Edit Guests window allows you to view seating arrangements for the guests and make changes as necessary.
        Note: If you will be reassigning seats within a table, leave the guest’s status as accepted until you have finished reassigning seats.
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