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    Guests: Seating - Seating Guests using the Auto Assign Button

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      1. Select the Seating tab to view seating arrangements. Choose the appropriate filters located in the Seat Status section of the screen, ie: All Seats, Reserved Seats, etc.
      2. Next, select the Event session for which you would like to seat people.
      3. If you wish to automatically assign seats and tables, select the Auto Assign button. The Auto Assign Seats box appears.
      4. Choose the Seat Options and Guest Options, and then select OK.
      5. The Auto Assign Seat Results box appears. Check to make sure all guests were assigned seats. If not, read the hints in the box to review common reasons why guests were not assigned seats. Select OK. You are returned to the Seating screen.
      6. If you would like to print labels or tent cards from the seating information select the Print Labels button located at the bottom of the screen.
      7. The Create Seating Labels popup window appears. Select the items you wish to appear on the label and select OK.
      8. The Label Printing window appears. Print your labels as described in the Salsa CRM's Built-in Word Processor section.
      9. Two commonly used Tent Card Stock options that are used for event seating are available. The Preview Panel on the right shows the layout of the stock with your seating information prepopulated. NOTE: There is no need to run a query since Salsa CRM automatically populates the selected stock with your seating information.
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