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      1. At the top of the Seating screen, select the appropriate Session, Status and choose if you want to view Unseated Guests Only, and then select the Search button. The guests who meet your criteria are displayed in the upper most panel. NOTE: If you do not choose to view Unseated Guests Only, seated guests will appear in grey font.
      2. Highlight the name of the guest you wish to seat and then select the Table/Row, where you would like to seat the guest, in the lower left panel. NOTE: When you select a guest name other names may become bold. This indicates that they are the guest(s) of the same guest as the highlighted person.
      3. You may multi-select these guests to seat them at the same time. To select a group that is listed all together, highlight the first name in that group, select the Shift key and select the last name in the group. To select specific people, highlight a name and, while holding down your Control key, select the other guests to be seated.
      4. Once you have made your selection(s) you may select the Table/Row and select the Assign Guests to Table/Row button. The guest’s name will appear in the panel to the right.
      5. If you would like to seat a guest to a specific Seat, highlight the guest name, select the appropriate Seat in the lower right panel and select the Assign Guest to Seat button. The guest’s name will appear in the selected Seat field.
      6. If you need to clear a table or seat, you may do so using the Clear Table or Clear Seat button located over the appropriate panels. NOTE: All three panels can be sorted by the columns; select the header of the column by which you would like to sort and the information will sort accordingly.

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