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    Manage Installments Queues

    In This Article:

      Your organization's contact person may receive the following email from Salsa Labs if there are donations in the Installments Queue that have not automatically processed: 

      The following installments have due dates that are in the past. Salsa CRM has shut down automated installment processing to ensure that installments that may have already been paid are not processed again. Please log into Salsa CRM and either manually process the following installments, or deactivate them. Then, a user with "Resume Processing Installment" permissions may restart processing by selecting Tools > Tasks > Resume Processing Installments from the Salsa CRM menu.                                                   

      1. To access the Installments Queue, go to Manage > Finances > Installments
      2. Enter the search terms (if applicable) 
      3. Click the Search button
      4. Review the results and identify any past due donations, pledges, or recurring payments
      5. Either Deactivate, Auto-Process, or Manually Process the past due donations. 
      6. Once all past due donations have been processed, go to Tools > Tasks > Resume Processing Installments.
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