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    Auction: Preparing Bid Sheets for the Auction

    In This Article:

      Entering incentives as auction items will allow you the opportunity to create bid sheets within CRM’s Word Processor.

      1. Prior to creating your bid sheets you will want to create a query that will allow you to pull the information you need for your bid sheets.
      2. To create the query, select Reports > Queries > Advanced Query Wizard from the main menu.
      3. Select Create New Query and choose the Event Management query type.
      4. From the Available Fields, create a query to meet your needs.
      5. Once you have created your query, select the Next button. Your query results are returned.
      6. Select the Next button, select the Save button and then choose Save Query Criteria. This will save your query definition.
      7. To create your bid sheet, select Manage > Documents > Word Processor from the main menu.
      8. Open a New Document.
      9. From the Word Processor menu select Query Wizards and then Display Mail Merge Wizard.
      10. The Mail Merge Wizard opens. Select Open or Run a Query.
      11. The Query Wizard opens. Since you have already created your bid sheet query, select Open Existing
      12. Query Definition, select the query you wish to open and select the Next button.
      13. Make sure the query is set up the way you want and select Next.
        NOTE: If you make any changes to your query at this time, these changes will not be saved.
      14. The results of your query will be displayed, select the Finish button and you are returned to the Word Processor.
      15. Select the Next button until you reach Step 3: Insert Variables.
      16. Now you are ready to create your bid sheets. Place your cursor on the blank document where you would like to insert your variables. You will also need to add in lines for Bidder Names, Bidder Numbers and the Bid Amount.
      17. Once you have completed the bid sheet, select Next and then Preview. A preview of your bid sheet will appear. Notice the description is what had been typed in the Description section of the Auction Item Details window.
      18. Print out your bid sheets.
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