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    Teams Node

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      NOTE: The Teams node appears in the Event Explorer only if you have selected the "This event includes
      teams" checkbox in the Activities section of the main event page.

      1. To assign teams for the event click the Add button located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. An Add Teams dialogue box appears.
      2. Type in the Name of the team.
      3. Select the Captain and/or Co-Captain button and the Constituent Search Screen appears. By completing this screen, you will be able to open the constituent’s (team member’s) record as necessary.
      4. Select the Save button, close the window by selecting the red “X” in the upper right hand corner.
      5. To add Members to the Team, highlight the Team to which you wish to add Members and select the Edit button. Alternatively, you may double-click the Team and the Edit Teams window will appear.
      6. Select the Add button. The Add Members window will appear.
      7. Select the Constituent button to add a Member and the Sponsor button to add a sponsor of this Member. NOTE: Selecting the Sponsor button on the Add Members window only adds a sponsor to this individual team member, not to the entire team.
      8. Select the Save button. The team member, and their sponsor if selected, will appear in the Edit Teams window. Continue adding team members in this manner.
      9. Once you have entered all of the team members, select the Close button located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
      10. To edit the teams or add other members, simply double-click the Team name or highlight the team name and select the Edit button.

      Also see Teams: Adding Sponsors to Teams.

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