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    Add Members to Membership Programs

    In This Article:

      You are able to add members to your Membership Programs in three ways:

      • Manage > Membership > Members screen:
      • Membership Node on the corresponding Constituent's record:
      • Donation screen using the Membership tab:

      The basic functionality for adding members follows:

      1. After accessing the Membership screen from one of the options listed above, select the Add button to open the New Subscription screen.                
      2. Select the appropriate Program from the top-left drop-down. If this Program has associated Packages and Promotions, you can also select those.
      3. On the top portion of the screen, the Active, Start and Processed Date default to the current date. You can change these as necessary. The End Date defaults to the date that corresponds to the set up of the membership information in Configuration. The cost of the Package automatically defaults to the corresponding amount, taking into consideration any promotions selected with this Package.
      4. Use the Members panel to add the proper members to this subscription. Use the Search Constituents to Add field to search for the constituents.
        This is a smart search field similar to the typical constituent search bar. The Member Salutation is populated based on the information on the constituent record. The Member Number populates with the next sequential number.

        NOTE: If your organization has multiple membership programs, you will want to use unique identifiers for each membership program in conjunction with your member numbers. (i.e. Zoo Membership Program Member Numbers might have a "Z" prefacing the member number, while an Aquarium Membership Member may start with an "A".)

      5. If this is a family membership, use the same search field to look for relations to the main member. Simply place your cursor in the field and select your enter key. A list of any relations to the primary member will be listed in a pop‐up.
      6. Use the Add button under the Note panel to add notes as necessary.
      7. The next section shows the Member Salutation (which populates based on information from the constituent record), the Member Number (which populates with the next sequential number) and four of the possible 25 custom fields you can add to the Membership screen. (You can add custom fields using the General Configuration option.)  The other 21 fields can be found on the lower panel on the Custom tab.
      8. The Membership Details tab is where you can select the Donor (the donor does not need to be the member as it can be a gift membership). Select the Gift checkbox if it is a gift membership.
      9. Save the membership to use the Collect Payment button to enter the donation. This button will open a new donation screen which will pre‐populate with the donor, default fund, campaign, appeal and letter as set on Membership Configuration. Complete the Contact section with the proper letter and the Renewal Information as well. The Letter is meant for the person receiving the membership. The Renewal/Info section allows you to set who should receive the renewal notice. If a Notice Letter was selected on the corresponding configuration screen, it will populate the Notice Letter field by default. Using the Collect Payment button, the donation screen will open. You will note the Membership tab is populated with the corresponding subscription information.
      10. The Custom Fields tab will list any custom fields beyond the first four which you may have created for Membership.
      11. The History for Member # lists all subscription information for this particular constituent.
      12. The bottom of the Subscription panel allows you to delete this subscription, easily see the current status, renew the subscription, save and cancel.
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