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    Embed Salsa pages in iframes

    In This Article:

      Want to embed a Salsa page - advocacy, donation, event, or signup page - on a non-Salsa page, with the least amount of HTML? You need to know about iframes.

      If you're ready for a more advanced solution, read about embedding forms.

      How to do it

      <iframe src="YOUR_PAGE_URL" seamless style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; width: 600px; height: 1000px;">
      1. Replace YOUR_PAGE_URL in the src= parameter with the URL of your page.
      2. Change the height and width in the style= to fit the space that's available on your page.
      3. Drop the code onto your web page.

      Click here to see a donation page in an iframe.

      Please click here to learn more about iframes and their options.


      It's a pretty good idea to create a new web template that will match the non-Salsa page that contains the iframe. This means it will mostly be a 'blank' template (removing navigation links or banners). You probably should add the necessary script and CSS files so that the Salsa page looks the same as the rest of the pages on your website.

      Getting out of an iframe

      Getting out of an iframe when a page requres a special technique.  You can find Salsa's recommendation about leaving an iframe here.

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