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      Content Syndication enables Salsa Engage subscribers to receive and use preformatted and pre-generated Activities and Email. Conversely, Salsa Engage content publishers can generate content and share it with subscribers. For more information about Salsa Engage Content Syndicators, see the Syndicated Content Publishers article.

      As a Salsa Engage user, you are automatically enrolled to receive shared content from Salsa. In addition, you can partner with Salsa publishers.

      How It Works

      1. You link your Salsa Engage account with the Salsa Engage account of a publisher. This is necessary for publishers other than Salsa. (You are already automatically subscribed to be able to receive content from Salsa.)
      2. The publisher will push new content to your account.
      3. New content shows up in the Assets > Template Library tab. This content remains accessible to the publisher, who can modify it or pull it at any time.
      4. You clone content. The content is copied into the appropriate Activity or Message type. Salsa Engage abstracts images from the content and places them in the Assets > Template Images tab. The cloned content will appear alongside other activities or messages, just like native content. Cloned content is no longer accessible to the publishing organization. If the publishing organization changes the original content in your Template Library tab, cloned versions will not be affected.
      5. You modify and publish the cloned content just as you would any other Activity or Message. 

      Partner With a Publisher and Receive Shared Content

      Publishers are organizations that provide you with syndicated Salsa Engage Activities and Messages. To get syndicated content from a publisher, you will have to grant the publisher syndication access. To do this, you will generate a one-time syndication key and share it (via email or IM) with the content publisher.

      1. Click the Settings icon 2017-03-27_1507.png to the top, right of the Salsa Engage window.
      2. On the Set Org Details tab, click the Switch to... button, and then select Content Syndication. The Syndication Options controls will appear.
      3. Click the Generate One-Time Syndication Key button. The syndication key appears in the field to the right of the button.
        Note: The key is time sensitive and can be used only once. If you don't get around to sharing the key in a timely manner, simply generate a new key.
      4. Click Copy to Clipboard. The key is copied to your computer's clipboard.
      5. Share the key with a publisher by pasting it into an email or IM. The publisher will use the key to activate a connection with your Salsa Engage account. When the publisher syndicates content, it will appear in your Assets > Template Library tab.

      View, Clone, and Use Syndicated Content

      1. Click the Assets > Template Library tab.
      2. Click the name of the content in the Name column of the table. The preview tab will open and you can view the content.
      3. To clone the content, click the clone button 2017-03-27_1538.png. The content will be cloned into the list for the appropriate Activity or Message. You can now use the content just as you would content that you created.
        Note: Since publishers do not have access to your internal Salsa Engage Activities and Messages, you will have to populate some of the fields that they provide. These will be noted in the form or message itself. For example, you might need to enter a URL that is specific to your organization.



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