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    Turn CRM Constituents into Engage Supporters

    In This Article:

      Engage supporters who take action on your forms or emails will sync automatically to Salsa CRM. Salsa CRM should be considered the "warehouse" of all your supporter data. CRM Constituents are synchronized to only the online engagement tool by "pushing" them into Engage.

      You can get a CRM Constituent into Engage as a Supporter in the following ways:

      • Syncing an Individual
      • Syncing a CRM Group
      • Syncing Constituent Query Results

      Note: Only constituents with an email address can be synced with Engage.

      Important: Prior to syncing, be sure to resolve duplicates and records that have the same email. Click here for information about how to run deduplication in Salsa CRM.

      Syncing an Individual

      1. Using the search field to the top-left of the window, search for the constituent that you want to sync.
      2. Click the constituent's name in the list.
      3. Click the green arrow to the left of the constituent's email address. The Contact frame will expand. Notice the envelope, Salsa logo, and Add Contact buttons at the bottom of the frame.
      4. Click the Salsa logo button. Salsa CRM will check if the constituent is also a Supporter in the Engage database, and the Salsa Engage Integration frame will appear. This will enable you to compare the data in Engage and Salsa CRM.
      5. Update the Supporter, add them to an Engage Group or Email Blast, or Remove them from an Engage Group or Email Blast.

      Sync a CRM Group

      1. Add a new CRM Group or edit an existing CRM Group.
      2. Enter the name of new group and click the Synchronize with Salsa Engage Group checkbox.

        The CRM Group will appear with a Salsa logo to the left of the Group name.
      3. Click Add to add the constituent to the Group Information table.
      4. Use the right arrow to move the selected group from the Available Groups frame into the Selected Groups frame.
      5. Click Save. Synced groups will be synchronized with the Engage Group. This happens as soon as you add the constituent to the group or, if the constituent is in a synced group, when you update that constituent's record.


      Sync Constituent Query Results

      1. To synchronize many constituents who may not be in a Group, use the Advanced Query Wizard to identify whom to sync.
      2. Start a new Constituent Query, for the Purpose of Salsa Engage.


        Output fields in red are automatically assigned and cannot be removed.


      3. After the results display, in Step 4 of the Query Wizard, select the Salsa Engage button to start the sync.
      4. Choose to Add or Update Engage Supporters, Add directly to an Engage Group or Email Blast, Remove them from an Engage Group or Email Blast, or Replace Supporters in an Engage Group or Email Blast.
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