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    Add email and address to the In Memory Of information

    In This Article:

      Many times, clients would like to have an email and an address for folks listed in the In Memory Of part of a donation page.


      If that would be helpful for your fundraising efforts, then read on!


      The solution is to store the In Memory Of (IMO) email and and address in donation record fields that Salsa does not use.  Salsa purposely left three fields untouched for our clients to make enhancements just like this one.  In this case, the fields VARCHAR0 and VARCHAR1 in the donation record will be used to save the IMO email and address.

      The solution needs to be installed in the templates for donation pages where the IMO email and address need to appear.  Here are some steps that you can use to install the solution.

      1. Edit a template used by donation pages.  Click here if you need help gettting started with that.
      2. Use the browser's search tool to locate the </body> tag.
      3. Insert a blank line just before the </body> tag.
      4. Click here to see the page where the solution lives.
      5. Find and click the "Raw" button.  A new window will appear that contains just the solution.
      6. Copy the contents of the window and close it.
      7. Return to the template editor.
      8. Paste the copied text into the newly inserted line in the template.
      9. Save the template.
      10. Test!


      Each donation page can have, or not have, the IMO email and address.  Here are some steps that you can use to cause the IMO email and address to be used on a donation page.

      1. Edit a donation page.
      2. Click on the Optional Text tab.
      3. Locate the Pre Submit Footer field.  It's right at the bottom of the page.
      4. Copy the HTML that follows these steps.
      5. Paste the copied text into the Pre Submit Footer field.  It should be pasted after everything else that may already be there.
      6. Save the donation page.
      7. Test!

      <div id="need-imo-enhancements"></div>


      The IM email and address will appear in the VARCHAR0 and VARCHAR1 fields when you are viewing a donation.



      A report that contains the IMO email and address just needs to add VARCHAR0 and VARCHAR1 to the report fields.  Be sure to use labels that mention "In Memory Email" and "In Memory Address" so that the report makes sense when it's viewed later!



      If you have any questions, then please gather this information.

      Send this information to, and we'll be glad to help.

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