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    Hide credit card information when paying with PayPal

    In This Article:

      If you are using Payflow Pro as your merchant gateway, then it's possible to send a donor to their PayPal account to donate. (If you need details about this form of payment, please send mail to and we'll be glad to help.)

      The credit card, expiration date and CVV2 are not needed when a donor is paying with PayPal. But, when a donor choose PayPal, they are still there:


      A standard donor would get confused, right?  "I'm paying with PayPal and I need a credit card?"  Wouldn't it be better if the credit card information disappeared when the donor selects payment by PayPal?


      Like that?  Read on!


      The solution is to add a script to the template(s) that are assigned to your donation pages. Here are some steps that that you can use.

      1. Edit a template. Click here if you need help getting started.
      2. Locate the </body> tag using the browser search tool.
      3. Insert a blank line just before the </body> tag.
      4. Click here to see the solution.
      5. Locate and click on the "Raw" button. A window will appear that contains just the solution.
      6. Copy the contents of the window and close it.
      7. Return to the template editor.
      8. Paste the copied text into the newly inserted line in the template.
      9. Save the template.
      10. Test!


      If you have any questions, then please gather this information.

      • Your organization_KEY
      • Your chapter_KEY if you are in a chapter
      • The template_KEY of the modified template
      • The donate_page_KEY (or URL) of a donation page that uses the template
      • A screenshot of the page, if possible.

      Send this information to and we'll be glad to help.

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