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    'Title' field selection options

    In This Article:

      The 'Title' field, in Action, currently offers 5 choices:

      • Mr.
      • Mrs.
      • Ms.
      • Miss
      • Dr.

      There is not an option to customize these or add more.  If we were to add more, currently, then we risk not being able to submit to some targets.

      The reason for this is because most targets primarily use webforms for action submission, and they can change these at any moment.  When preparing to submit your action, via one of our Action pages, you can see who your targets are but we do not know, at that moment, what specific choices the targets webform might have (again, at that moment).  So, we do the best thing for ensured action delivery:

      We use the absolute most common ones that appear in target webforms.


      That said, we do keep an existing Feature Request in with Design/Development, requesting that more titles be offered, whenever targets have begun widely accepting them.  Here's a list of what we have on that Request so far:

      • Mx
      • Rev.
      • None
      • Sr.

      If you have any others that you'd like for us to add to that Request, please submit a ticket to our Support team.


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