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    Removing supporter records that were added by an import

    In This Article:

      To delete (new) supporter records that were *added* by an import, you can use the following process.

      Next, locate the import key in question.  This can be found in the 'Import Status' link, within the Supporter tab in Salsa.  Also, on the list of imports, you can verify the number of new supporter records that were added by that import (it’s the ‘Supporters Created’ column).

      Then, run a Query that returns all supporter records *created* by the import in question.  They will be tagged as ‘import:createdXXXXX’ (where XXXXX is the import key).

      Here’s an example of how the Query would look:


      In this example, the Query would return all new supporter records *created* by the import with key 84305.

      When the query is run (by clicking the ‘save and run’ button), you’ll be taken to the next page (the ‘Take Action’ page) where you’ll see a count of the supporter records returned by the query.  Then, if your Salsa login has bulk delete rights, you can scroll down (on the ‘Take Action’ page) to find the Bulk Operations section, which allows Bulk Deleting:


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