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    Target filtering in Advocacy 4

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      How To Use It

      It's important to know how to select options in the left-panel, as not all users may find it intuitive.

      Keep this in mind:  It's *excluding* options as other options are clicked (in the left-panel).

      If you're wanting to select an entire list, for example, you'll need to click the first list option (but don't release the click) and drag down to the last option.



      If you're wanting to select multiple choices from a list (but not all) then hold down the Ctrl key (or Cmd key, if on a Mac) and click your choices while holding the key down. Once you release the Ctrl/Cmd key, the non-selected options will automatically go away (keep the exclusion note above in mind).

      Another note:  Don't use the 'Search' field unless you're only planning to choose one Target for that targeting line.

      Upcoming Changes

      There will be some design improvements to the targeting filter.

      We plan to add a third panel, where selections are "held" as filters are adjusted/searched on the left side.  It would be a sort of "parking" place for your already-selected choices, while you dig down into searching and filtering on other options.  What this panel would also allow is to re-access the target filtering screen, after you've already saved & left it, to adjust the options you've selected previously (it won't just clear out and make you start from scratch again).

      Also, we hope to add state-level committee filtering.  Currently, the only option for target filtering is federal committee targeting.

      (Internal references: CL-590, CL-566)

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