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    Error: You do not have access to this row:123456

    In This Article:

      When trying to send an email blast, the following error is occurring:

      "You do not have access to this row:123456"

      (Note: 123456 will be some different number.)


      The number, in this error, usually refers to the query attached to the blast's targeting.  If the query has been removed from the database, in some way or another, then this error will occur in the blast.  It's essentially a broken reference to a query number that no longer exists.

      To resolve this, access the 'Target' tab of the Email Blast and choose a different query.  If you already have a saved query that you'd like to use, choose it.  Otherwise, just choose anything that you have saved (as a temporary step):  


      Then, save:


      This changes the query number assigned to the blast, removing the reference to the deleted query.  If you have chosen the query that you actually want assigned to the blast, then you're finished at this point.  If you're needing to build a new query from scratch, continue on!

      To build a new query, from scratch, for the blast, then use the 'Select a Saved Query' drop-down to choose 'New Query':


      Then, build your new query, 'Save', and you're all set!

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