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    Using Google Earth Pro to see a visual mapping of your supporter base

    In This Article:

      This handy trick was pointed out to us by one of the organizations using Salsa.  We think it's pretty cool!

      Download the Longitude/Latitude data (along with name and address, if you wish) for your supporter list as a CSV file, using the Query tool.  Then, upload the CSV file to Google Earth Pro, a free download program, (not Google Maps) to see a visual map-representation of your supporter base.  When you click on the plotted geopoint on the Google Earth map, it will list the supporter's name and address (if you imported that information).  To keep the map permanently, when you quit out of Google Earth, save the file to "My Places".

      Depending on the size of the list, the upload could take a while, but it offers a nice visual!  To speed up the process, try limiting your Query to a specific subset of supporters that you'd like to see.

      This tip was offered by Protect Minnesota.  Donate to their organization HERE.

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