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    State drop-down field not working

    In This Article:

      The Problem

      The 'State' field, within a supporter's profile, will have a disabled State drop-down list:


      ...whenever the data held in that particular database field doesn't match any of the valid State options which would be in the list. Usually, this would be the result of importing improper data into this field.

      Locating Supporter Records That Have Invalid States

      You can use the following Query, to find a complete listing of entries in your system that fall into this "invalid state" category (choose all States from the 'Your options' panel and move them over to the 'Your selections' panel):


      Doing A Quick Back-Up Of The Invalid State Data

      After running the query above, I recommend exporting the data returned to an Excel file.  This can be done on the 2nd step of the query process:


      The export area looks like this:


      This simply allows you to have that data, that’s currently in the database for these invalid ‘State’s, in a file, in case you need it for any reason.

      Clearing The Invalid State Data

      Then, also on the second step of the query tool (again, the ‘Take Action’ step), you can do a bulk clearing of those invalid ‘State’ values.  To do this, first make sure the count at the top of the ‘Take Action’ page looks correct (you wouldn’t want to bulk-clear valid ‘State’ values by accident).  Then, scroll down on the ‘Take Action’ page to locate the Bulk Actions area.  In that area, choose the ‘State’ field, and leave the value blank.  Then, click the ‘Update Information’ button to process:


      You’ll be presented with a verification step, requiring you to enter the number of records to be affected:


      Setting Valid States

      After that has been processed, you should be able to use the ‘State’ drop-down field against those supporters again (now that their ‘State’ value is blank, which is a valid option).  If you've forgotten which supporters had invalid states, simply reference the back-up file made in an earlier step.

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