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    District Append Script - Forcing a reassessment

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      Is your organization already set up with the District Append Script?  If so, this article's for you.  If not, please feel free to reach out to Salsa Support to learn more about the script.  If you're unsure, Salsa Support can quickly find out if you're set up for it or not.


      If you're finding that some supporters have improper district information applied to them, then it's possible that they simply have outdated data.  The district append script does not automatically update records that already have a district applied to them.  In fact, it skips over those when it runs each night.


      To reassess district information, you must clear out the District field against any supporter profile(s) that you want reassessed.  This will trigger the district append script to run against the record(s) again (overnight).

      The easiest way to do this is via the Query tool.  In the first step, you'll need to specify conditions to locate the supporters whose districts you want reassessed by the script.  You might want to do this for a particular State or you may want to do it for all of your supporter records.  That will be your choice.

      After you run your query, in the 2nd step of the Query process (the 'Take Action' step) you can elect to Bulk Update a field (as long as you have Bulk Action rights in your campaign manager account).  The field in question here will be the 'District' field.  Selecting the 'District' field, and then leaving the value blank (beneath the field), allows you to bulk-clear that field.  

      As mentioned on the screen itself, you must be VERY cautious using this tool.  If you clear another field, unintentionally, there may be no way to recover the data from that field.


      You will be asked to verify the number of records you would like affected, so you'd also need to type in that number for this bulk-action to fully process.

      After that, you must wait overnight for the District Append Script to run.  Check back the following morning to see if the district information has been updated as expected.

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