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    Query Conditions

    In This Article:

      Condition Types

      Supporter Fields

      Conditions: All standard supporter fields and all custom fields. (supporter table can be seen here:     Value: Either input value (click into last box) or utilize "compare to" function.


          Conditions: All available tags that have been created. Click tag and click "Add" to include tag in query. Click "Remove" to exclude tag from your selections.


          Conditions: All available groups that have been created. Click group and click "Add" to include group in query. Click "Remove" to exclude group from your selections.


      Conditions: Allows selection of a specific segment of your list (1/100th up to 100/100th). This is particularly helpful for testing and seeing a random sample of a supporter list.

      How it works:

      This condition is based on the last two digits of the supporter_KEY values.

      For example:
      A supporter_KEY of 11101001 falls in Segment 1/100 percentile.
      A supporter_KEY of 11101099 falls in Segment 99/100 percentile.

      NOTE:  Because the supporter keys in an organization aren't guaranteed to have any sequential breaks (for example, when a supporter is deleted or a supporter key gets used by another organization on the same node), these won't be 100% equal.  That said, it's the closest we can get to a randomized breakdown of a supporter list.

      Within Postal Region

      Conditions: Can set mile distance from a specific US ZIP code.
      Value: Input ZIP code into open field.
      Background: The query starts from the centroid of the ZIP code you choose, then looks up any ZIP codes that fall within an X mile radius of that centroid. The query then returns any supporters with those ZIP codes.

      NOTE: This works for US ZIP codes only.

      Home Address

          Conditions: Basic address fields that can be found in the "Address" tab of the Supporter Record.     Value: Either input value (click into last box) or utilize "compare to" function.

      Other Addresses

          Conditions: All available address fields in the Supporter Record.     Value: Either input value (click into last box) or utilize "compare to" function.

      Legislative District

          Conditions: Federal Senate, Federal House, State Senate, State House.  NOTE:  The only districts that will show up are ones currently assigned to your supporters.  If there are any districts missing from the list, it means that none of your supporters are currently assigned to that district.


          Conditions: There is only one condition: Filter out non-heads of households. This allows users to slim down their list when doing mailings, to save money.

      Contact History

          Conditions: All fields that are available in the "contact history" panel of a standard supporter record

      Relative Dates

          Run queries on date fields, looking at time periods in the past and future with a day offset ( X days ago / in the future). Read more here.

      Email Delivery Status

          Conditions: All emails that you have sent out via the "Email Blast" package.     Values: User Unknown, Hard Bounce, Soft Bounce, Refused by Receiving ISP, Delivered. Click the email you want and click "Add" to include email in query. Click "Remove" to exclude email from your selections.

      Action History

      This condition allows you to locate supporters who participated in, or did not participate in, a list of actions that you choose.  

      NOTE:  There is no option to choose a date range (ie. did not participate in an action in the last 2 years).  You must choose specific actions.


          Conditions: There is only one condition: supporters who have in some way register to volunteer through a volunteer registration page (not applicable to all organizations)


          Conditions: A list of all available scoring options previously created.     Value: The numeric scoring "total" of a supporter record.


          Conditions: Click into the box to select from the existing list of all companies/organizations that are in Salsa.

      Email Statistics

          Conditions: Supporter Email Statistics KEY, Supporter KEY, Email Sent, Email Opened, Email Clicked, Last Open, Last Click, Open Percentage, and Click Percentage.


          Conditions: All available chapters that have been created.

      Event History

          Conditions: Click into the box to select from the existing list of all events that are in Salsa.

      Distributed Event

          Conditions: All available distributed events that have been created. Click distributed events and click "Add" to include event in query. Click "Remove" to exclude event from your selections.

      Donation History

          Conditions: Condition is set based on the condition modifier (see above)

      Donation Relative Date

          Conditions: Donation Transaction was Within the last X days/months/yearswhere X is <set by user>. 
      This option will allow you to find supporters who have donated recently, with a time frame set by the user.

      Email Status

          Conditions: All available emails that have been sent. Click email and click "Add" to include email in query. click "remove" to exlclude email from query.     Value: Send Failed (failed to deliver), Sent (received by user), Sent and Opened (User received and opened email), and Sent and Clicked (User received, Opened and then clicked a link in the email)

      When selecting multiple blasts, and choosing a specific status, the supporter returned needs to only match that status on one of the selected blasts.  The supporter returned does not have to match that specific status on every blast selected.

      Email History

          Conditions:  Click into the box to select from the existing list of all emails that have been sent out via Salsa.


          Conditions: Lists all available "receive email" values in Salsa.

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