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    Local Municipal target type (further detail)

    In This Article:

      The below information is as of May 2017:

      Which cities are represented?

      The legislative data covers 37,979 municipal officials in more than 3,600 municipalities with a population greater than 10,000. This also covers 25,949 county officials. Cities with a population greater than 10,000 should be included.

      Who gets targeted?

      The 100 largest counties and municipalities, that are not elected at-large, are district coded. If not district coded, then it goes to all council members.  

      Where at-large are included, we send to the at-large members as well as the districted member.

      Can action be limited to a particular city?

      An action can only restrict who acts down to the Federal District.  It cannot restrict based upon Local Municipal, Local County, or Zipcode/postal code radius.


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