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    Legislator name is sort of correct but...not quite

    In This Article:

      Occasionally, a supporter might take action but notice that their legislator's name isn't quite what they'd expect.

      Some examples/suggestions we've received so far:

      What's shown in Salsa What a supporter might expect to see
      Corey Scott Gardner Corey Gardner
      Ladda Tammy Duckworth Bowlsbey Tammy Duckworth
      Alan Stuart Franken Al Franken
      Karen Lorraine Jacqueline Speier Jackie Speier
      Thirrel Altman Thad Altman
      Edmund Neal Richard E. Neal

      Note: What Salsa is showing isn't incorrect.  It just might not be what's expected.

      We currently have a feature request in with Design/Development, requesting the ability to edit/shorten legislator names, especially in cases where the legislator has a middle name, or a nickname that most supporters recognize.  The above examples are already in, with Design, as suggested changes.

      If you come across any others, and wish to make suggestions for those as well, then please feel free to contact our support team.

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