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    Action page target look-up - Changing the 'Submit' button text

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      For most actions, the first step of the process is entering Address/Zip to look up legislators and determine whether or not an action can be taken. For some supporters, there may be confusion about the 'Submit' button on that first step.  Instead of thinking it is there to submit their address for looking up legislators, they may think that button is actually submitting the action (which it doesn't).  If you'd like, you can use custom code, in your action template, to change the button wording from 'Submit' to something else (like 'Look Up Targets').

      Here is some custom code to consider:


      <script type="text/javascript">
      $( document ).ready(function()

      { $("#salsa-action #addressform input[type=button]").attr('value','BUTTON TEXT GOES HERE'); }



      That provided, we don't actually offer support (via our Support team) for custom code assistance, so this information is primarily for your organization's web developer, as the responsibility of implementing custom template code will fall upon them.

      More info on where to find your custom templates:


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