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    Pre-populating supporter information on an action

    In This Article:

      There are multiple factors contributing to whether or not supporter information will pre-populate on an action.  This article will go into more depth on that topic.

      Welcome Back Message Disabler

      If your organization has implemented code for the Welcome Back Message Disabler, in your template(s), then supporter information will never automatically pre-populate.  The disabler is designed to do just that (not store/recall supporter information in the browser).

      Action Page Launched From An Email Blast

      Let's assume that your organization does NOT have the Welcome Back Message Disabler implemented (see above).  Then, sending an email blast containing a link to an action page, DOES recognize the supporter, if the supporter clicks that link from the email.  If the action is a Targeted Action, or a location-restricted Petition, then they must first go through the 'Address/Zip' look-up step.  Then, after that, they should receive the Welcome Back message ( which indicates that they have been recognized.  (Note:  They may not see this if they are on a Private/Incognito browser session.)  If the supporter clicks the 'Not _____?' portion of the Welcome Back message, then the browser cookie is erased and they are forced to enter their full information for that action, even if they click the link, to that action, from the email again.

      City/State Resolution

      The system does not automatically determine (and fill in) City and State, based on the Street and Zip entered in the first step of an action.

      Internal reference: CL-629


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