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    'Loading Targets ...' error

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      In rare occasions we'll get a report of a 'Loading Targets ...' message that sits indefinitely. It's not necessarily an error, but a status indicator that will ultimately sit there until targets can be loaded. If targets can't be loaded, the message just remains. Here are a couple of reasons the page may have trouble loading targets.

      Invalid URL

      This error often occurs as the result of "link-hacking". In other words, grabbing a previous action's link and appending the new action's key to the end of it. If the actions are of different styles (ie. action3 versus action4) then this error will occur.

      It can also occur when launching the action from an outdated Action Listing.

      The best way to ensure that you're loading the appropriate URL for your action is to access the action in Salsa, and use the 'Show Publishing Tools' section to launch the action:


      Browser Cache

      We've also seen rare scenarios where a browser simply won't clear its session cache (stored cookie information), causing this problem. To test whether or not this is the case you're experiencing, you can simply launch an "Incognito / Private" window in that same browser. Then, navigate to the same URL. If targets load fine in an "Incognito / Private" window, then it's a session cookie problem. Unfortunately, we don't have complete control over how the browser retains cookies. If closing / reopening the browser doesn't resolve the problem, then clearing the browser's cookies will resolve it. In some browsers, you can even choose to clear cookies for only a specific site (instead of clearing them all).

      Report the error

      Salsa has found that we're unable to replicate this error. Despite literally thousands of attempts, we're just not able to get actions to fail with the "Loading Targets" issue.
      We're asking our clients to not only report the error, but retrieve information from the browser. We believe that there is valuable information stored in the browser that can help us find the root problem and provide a fix.


      We will use the debug tools in the browser to retrieve the contents of the console. The captured content will then go to Salsa to help our troubleshooting efforts.


      1. Begin by taking a screenshot of the action. That will also let us know which action was being used when the issue occurred.
      2. Both Firefox and Chrome use the same sequence to open the debug tools: Ctrl-Shift-I. I usually press and hold Ctrl, then press and hold Shift, then tap I.
      3. A window will appear in the browser, typically on the right side.
      4. You may want to make the debug tools wider for the rest of this process. Grab the left edge of the debug tool area and drag it left.

      View the console

      1. Examine the contents of the debug tools. You should see a row of tabs near the top. Here's what it looks like on a Mac. (
      2. Click the tab named "Console" (
      3. You'll see a panel appear that contains text (

      Save the console

      1. If you are in Chrome, then right-click in the panel and Choose "Save As..." ( A file dialog will appear. Fill it in and save the file to disk.
      2. If you are in Firefox, then
        1. Right-click in the console (
        2. Choose "Select All.."
        3. Chose "Copy"
        4. Open a text editor like NotePad. Do not use Microsoft word.
        5. Paste the contents into the editor.
        6. Save the file to disk.

      Close the console

      1. Close the debug tool dialog by clicking the "X" in the upper right hand corner.
        1. Chrome: (
        2. Firefox: (

      Send the results to Salsa

      1. Send a message to Please mention the fact that you've captured a console for the "Loading Targets" issue.
      2. Please include the operating system version (for example Windows 10 or Mac 10.12.6) and the browser version (for example, Chrome 63 or Firefox 57).
      3. Attach the screenshot from the "Setup" step.
      4. Attach the file of console content from the "Saving the console" step. Please do not paste the content into your message -- that tends to mess things up.
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